Breaking news video maker

Breaking news video maker

Whether you are a video maker, or a news portal owner, you are probably in need of a breaking news video maker. If that's what you're looking for, don't worry, as we'll talk more about this type of tool in the following article.

Why do you need a breaking news video maker?

Before you know what can be the best breaking news video maker for you, you need to know the main reason why you need such a tool. For example, you may need it for a one-time use, or maybe you want to be making video news constantly.

Whatever the reason, the truth is that creating a video newscast is not difficult at all, in fact, it can be very easy, as long as you use the right video creation tools. Moreover, nowadays, you can rely heavily on video creation using artificial intelligence technology.

How to deliver a news story in video format?

There are many ways you can show a news story to your target audience, but if we focus on video, it is very important that there is a human face telling the story.

This is very important, because just like the news you usually see on TV, it is very important that you can see a real person telling the news, this gives credibility to what you want to tell.

But of course, maybe you are thinking that hiring an actor to tell the news you want to show can be expensive. And so it is, you are right. However, nowadays there are breaking news video maker platforms, to create this kind of videos without the need of having a real actor. That is, using artificial intelligence.

Breaking news video maker using AI

As we said before, nowadays you can create news videos without the need of having a real human actor, but you can do it with an avatar created by AI, that looks, moves and speaks like a human. Ideal for creating news content in a very easy way.

Here is an example

The example we saw above was created with the Neural Actors platform, a platform that can easily be used as a breaking news video maker using artificial intelligence.

The advantages of using AI to create news videos

Here are some advantages of creating news videos using artificial intelligence. So you can use a breaking news video maker powered by Ai to create your news content.

1.- It is cheaper than recording with a human actor: Using such a platform allows you to make a news video without having the big expense of paying someone to record different takes.

You don't need cameras or expensive equipment: The news you usually see on TV spend a lot of money on equipment and recording studios.

3.- You can correct the scripts without re-recording: If you record with a real person, and they say something wrong, you have to record it all over again. On the other hand, when using a breaking news video maker powered by AI, if you have a mistake, you only have to change the text, and generate the video again.

It is faster to use this type of technology: Using this type of technology is much faster than physically recording. You only have to enter the platform, choose the actor who will say the news, choose his voice, write the script, and download the video. It's that easy.

These were some of the advantages of using a breaking news video maker powered by AI.

How can I create my own video with a breaking news video maker?

To start, the first thing you must do is to enter the platform you choose to use, for example, Neural Actors. Then you must choose the actor that you like the most, and that best suits the news you want to give, for example. You can use an actor like the example we saw, here is the direct link. Then write the news and download the video. It's that easy.

We hope this article has helped you, and remember that you can use the Neural Actors platform, to create videos using actors generated with artificial intelligence, in minutes.