Customer services training video builder for your business

Customer services training video builder for your business

If you need to create a customer services training video for your business, one of the most common alternatives is to use an actor and film it using a camera or other equipment. In this article, we are going to meet Neural Actors, an AI-powered video generator that makes the task of creating a customer services training video easy, without requiring a human actor. We will also explore how AI technology is revolutionizing video creation and training in customer service environments.

Why create a customer services training video?

Onboarding customer support agents is a complicated task to do, and using training videos is one of the most effective ways to do it at scale. And while face-to-face training is an important part of customer services training, creating engaging customer training videos can make this process easier and more effective.

For this reason, creating a customer service agent training video is crucial for the correct training of your team and can save hours in time and money, specially when created at scale. Neural Actors can help in this task, letting you build lifelike videos that are amazing for training.

Advantages of using Neural Actor for customer services training video

Using Neural Actors has several advantages over other ways of creating video. Let's review some of these and see why it's a perfect option for building engaging video content in your organization.

1. Creating realistic video content using AI generated human actors is less expensive

Human faces are better and delivering your message, but hiring a human actor to create engaging videos is expensive. Using Neural Actors is a cost-effective option for creating customer services training videos, that is far more convenient than hiring an actual actor to do it.

2. It's easier to make changes to your videos when using AI-generated actors

When training customer service teams, there are usually upgrades and changes in the content, which renders the need of redoing the training videos often. With Neural Actors, creating a revised version of the training video is cheaper, as you can simply re-generate the pieces of content that require modification. Our actors will be always available in case changes should be made to your video and can be created 24/7. You are not subject to the availability of an actual human actor.

3.- Build more engaging customer services training videos than other solutions.

Neural Actors has amazing options not available in other video generators. You can build videos of actors placed in real-life settings, that create an engaging experience with your audience and can make your training more effective. You don't have to be an expert to create cinematic videos that are really effective when training your customer services team. And building an engaging video is crucial in achieving your goals.

Example of a customer services training video

We have created a really basic example using one of our templates. This example shows the potential of the technology in creating engaging and dynamic videos using only text. You can copy text directly from your knowledge base to create beautiful training videos for your team in minutes.

As you can see, in this example we show the power of Neural Actors in taking a text input and creating amazing videos, with cinematic takes, a realistic talking human actor and music. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective option for training your teams, and in return, serve your customers better.

But this is not the only template available. With several actors available in different languages and ethnicities, Neural Actors can help you build amazing training videos for your customer services team anywhere, no matter where they are located.

How to start creating your first video with Neural Actors?

Creating your first video and start training your team is easy and doesn't require filmmaking skills. Just visit the Neural Actors homepage and choose a template. You can add text, customize the music and other aspect of the video easily.

Neural Actors offers a wide selection of templates that makes creating a training video for your team easy. From characters standing still in front of a camera, to characters in different poses and environments. Even characters in video selfie mode!

Delight your customer service teams with amazing and engaging videos that will help them achieve your goals and better serve your customers, creating beautiful videos without any prior experience in creating them.

Build your first three videos completely for free, taking advantage of our free 7-day trial. Just start creating your account and generate your first videos in minutes.