How to make training videos for your employees

How to make training videos for your employees

Training videos are one of the easiest ways to train employees and collaborators. But hiring actors to do these videos is a complicated task. In this article, we are going to explore how to make training videos using Neural Actors, as a way to have a faster turnaround time and create compelling and amazing training videos at a fraction of the cost.

The power of a face in training videos

When you are creating training videos, one of the most compelling ways for having the attention of your audience is by using a human actor. This makes it easier for you to get the message across. With Neural Actors, you can create training videos that are exciting and have a real human talking in them. You don't need to hire an actual actor! Let's explain how to make training videos fast and easy with Neural Actors:

How to make training videos with Neural Actors

1) Choose an actor for your video

Neural Actors has several actors to choose from for your training video. You can select your actor from a roster of pre-made characters that look and sound realistic. Neural Actors has a diverse cast of AI powered people that can say any script, and speak several languages.

This is one of the main strengths of Neural Actors, instead of hiring a human person to appear on the video. The flexibility of Neural Actors allows you to create perfect training videos every time.

2) Create a script and type it in the editor

Making tour training video requires a script. You can easily type your script in the Neural Actors editor, and create the base of your training video using text only, You don't need to do voiceovers, or lengthy recording sessions. With the realistic AI engine of Neural Actors, we will create realistic speech and movements for your actor.

For a training video, a great structure would be starting with an introduction, and including how-to steps. You can create several shots of the same actor in different positions to create a dynamic training video with multiple camera angles that looks fun and exciting

3) Add some screen recordings and put voices

If it's the training video for a software platform for example, you can also record your screen and do the voiceovers in Neural Voices. This platform has the same voices used by Neural Actors, but can be exported in an MP3 format, ideal for creating narrations when you don't need an actor.

4) Join it all together

You can use video editing tools like WeVideo, or software in your computer like Movie Maker or iMovie, to join the video pieces generated by Neural Actors. This way, you can create a complete training video saving time and money. This is the best way to create a video, without using real people.


With Neural Actors, creating a training video for your associates and collaborators is really easy. You can take advantage of Neural Actors' 7-day free trial and create up to 3 videos at no cost. With this, you can try the best platform for creating AI-powered training videos.