Script for explainer video

Script for explainer video

Without a doubt, a video is the best way to explain your business. Because of that, a good script for explainer video is the best way to captivate the people who will watch your video.

But making a script for explainer video is not about just coming in and writing anything. You must be able to convey very well the message you want to deliver.

Before we get to the scripting part, it is very important that we understand what an explainer video is.

Explainer video, a very good way to attract customers

An explainer video is a type of audiovisual material that helps people understand the message you want to convey in a more didactic way. Explainer videos can show in a graphic and visual way, an idea that you want to convey to the viewer.

For example, it can be a person talking, or perhaps animated graphic images. Whatever the type of image you put inside, the most important thing is that what you want to say is understood.

Normally, it is accompanied by an audio, which tells the narrative to the person watching the video. But to be more effective, it is very important to have a good script for explainer video.

How to have a good script for explainer video

The script for explainer video is the most important part of the video. You must be able to tell the end consumer what you really want to say. This is very important, since you must make sure that it does not lend itself to other interpretations.

The script for explainer video must be concise: it is very important that the script is short, and do not abuse the amount of words. People's attention only lasts for a short time, so if you get them to play the video, you must be able to capture their attention quickly.

Put a face to the script: Another very important point is to have a face that speaks the script. People prefer a script for explainer video where there is a person talking. This gives users more confidence. For example, you can use Neural Actors, to create explainer videos, using people generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Explain only one thing at a time: Many times, we tend to want to explain many things in the same video, however, this is a mistake. People who listen to the script for explainer video can get confused. That is why, if you have many things to explain, it is better to make several short videos.

Don't rush in writing the script: There is nothing worse than writing a script quickly and unprofessionally. You should take your time, and write your script for explainer video thinking very well about the message you want to deliver. Do it calmly, and always think about the final recipient.

Example of a script for explainer video

For example, let's imagine that you have an online courses platform for cooks, and you want to show in a video, the special things about your business. A good script example would be something like this:

Tired of making the same recipes always, on the platform Online Cooks, you can find hundreds of courses, to learn new cooking recipes, with video classes, taught by professionals.

In the example above, you can see the introduction of a good script for explainer video. It starts with a question, to empathize with your problem, and immediately after, it offers you a solution.

In fact, that same example can be connected with an offer, for example you can add something like:

And for this month only, you will be able to access for only $20 dollars a month. just enter the website and use the coupon offer cooks.

As you can see, there you are giving them an offer, and at the same time, you are telling them how to use it.

A good script for explainer video will try to say a lot in a short time.

How can you try many script for explainer video?

Many people encounter the problem that if they want to change the script, they have to re-record the whole video again, and go through the whole editing process again. However, if you use an explainer video generation platform that uses AI, you can do a lot of testing of different scripts for explainer video.

The Neural Actors platform allows you to make many tests quickly and economically. You just have to enter the platform, choose the actor you like for your explainer video, put the script you want them to say, choose a voice, and download the video. It is very easy to use. And without a doubt, it can be a great tool when trying out different scripts for explainer video.

We hope this article has helped you, and we wish you a lot of success in your next explainer videos.