Will AI replace video editors?

Will AI replace video editors?

In recent months, we have seen many advances in artificial intelligence, and the world of video editing has not been left behind, which is why many are asking, Will AI replace video editors?

Over the years, video editors have become more and more self-service, but a human being is always needed to give that special touch.

AI in video editors

If you're still wondering: Will AI replace video editors, the answer may surprise you. But before we get to that, you should first analyze whether AI has already arrived in video editors or not.

The world of video editing is huge, and because of that, it has many edges. That's why many video editing tools are opting to use artificial intelligence, but only within certain specific areas.

Examples of the use of AI in video editors

Background replacement using AI

For example, some video editing tools use AI to replace backgrounds in an automated way using machine learning, such as Runway ML .

Subtitles in videos using AI

Other platforms are using AI to automatically caption videos, such as Nova AI.

Realistic Text to speech using AI

Other tools are using AI to add realistic voices to videos, such as Neural Voices.

AI generated actors / avatars

And even other platforms have gone so far as to replace actors using AI generated people, such as Neural Actors.

The contribution of humans in video editing

While more and more tasks are being automated, the human will always be a fundamental part of video creation. There is always the creative part, which some specialists think cannot be replaced.

However, we have already seen tools like Open AI's ChatGPT, which allows you to have a dialogue with the AI, and can even write scripts for you. And those kinds of tools, combined with a tool like Neural Actors, can certainly replace many human tasks.

So… Will AI replace video editors?

The answer to this question is that it is very likely to happen, but only for certain tasks. While all these functions can be done separately today, our opinion is that in a few years these tasks can be replaced. However, there will always be a human mind behind, giving the order of what content will be generated.

Because of that, we see this as something positive, that will allow to automate repetitive tasks, and to optimize video production costs, we see it more as a complement for those who work in the video creation industry, than as a total replacement.

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